“Korean Air’s in-flight meal is a Korean buffet”, proving the status of K-food reaching high into the sky

As the status of K-food rises around the world, Korean Air’s Korean food-based inflight meal menu is also diversifying. The K-food craze, which has become a ‘mega trend’, penetrated the airline industry and opened the era of ‘K -food in-flight meals’. According to the industry on the 30th, Korean Air is currently providing various Korean dishes such as […]

Indonesia’s ‘precious body’ nickel… smelting workers die

The temperature of the burning white flame in a nickel스포츠토토smelter exceeds 1200 degrees. At 3 am on December 22 last year, 22-year-old female worker Nirwana Sele was working at PT Gunbuster Nickel Refinery located in the northern part of Morowali, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia . Nirwana, who was a skilled crane operator, had no place to evacuate due to a […]

30,000 teachers gathered under the scorching sun… “The Urgent Revision of the Child Abuse Punishment Act”

Teachers have been out on the streets in black for the second week amid a heatwave warning. In memory of the dead Seoi-cho teacher, they shouted for the protection스포츠토토 of teaching rights. In particular, they appealed to revise the Child Abuse Punishment Act. Reporter Park Jae-hoon went to the rally site. [Report]“Learning means dreaming.” About 30,000 […]

Why are Choo Mi-ae, Park Sang-ki and Cho Kuk, the former ministers, who ignited the controversy over the ‘prosecutor’s special activity expenses’?

While the opposition party is launching an offensive against the Ministry of Justice over the prosecution’s special activity expenses (special activity expenses) recently disclosed by a civic group, suspicion of allocation of special activity expenses to the minister’s office during former Justice Ministers Park Sang-ki and Cho Kuk is resurfacing in the legal profession. The suspicion […]

“Only a partial recording of my remarks was submitted, and charges of emotional abuse were applied”… The case report of the teacher who was sued by Joo Ho-min

 A report written by a special class teacher who was accused of child abuse by webtoon writer Joo Ho-min is spreading rapidly online. Teacher Lee said, “I admit that I felt tired at the moment,” but expressed his feelings that he hoped Ho-min Joo’s autistic son would grow up. According to the police reports posted on […]

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