A man in his 30s illegally filmed 43 women saying, “I want to see under their skirts,” and secretly filmed their sexual intercourse.

Mr. A (34), who is accused of illegally filming스포츠토토 the bodies of 43 women at subway stations and secretly filming sexual intercourse with their lovers (filming using cameras, etc. under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act), was sent to the prosecution under arrest. Person A stated to the police, “When I see a woman wearing a skirt, […]

Saemangeum SOC budget ‘snack’… Jeonbuk Province strongly protests

With the Saemangeum SOC budget on the cutting board in thewake of the Jamboree disruption , the Saemangeum SOC budget raised by each ministry in next year’s government budget was cut by 75%. Only 150 billion won was reflected in next year’s budget. Jeonbuk-do is strongly protesting. Reporter Lee Seung-eun reports. [Article] Among the Saemangeum SOCs , the biggest controversy is the international airport, which is […]

It’s no longer a carrot market, it’s a ‘carrot’

☞Subscribe to the Hankyoreh Newsletter H:730. Type ‘Hankyoreh h730’ in the search bar . “Are you a carrot?” It is not unfamiliar even if you suddenly hear it on the road. To put it in context, it means “Are you the one who decided to trade second-hand with me through ‘Carrot Market’?” Carrot market, a used transaction service app, has […]

“iPad Pro changes like a laptop… Magic keyboard transformation”

News has emerged that Apple is planning a major스포츠토토 update to the iPad Pro next year. Bloomberg News reported on the 27th (local time) through the Power On newsletter that the iPad Pro, which will be released next year, will be the biggest update since 2018. Bloomberg Mark Gurman revealed that next year’s iPad Pro […]

Mad cow disease, weekend contaminated water rally… Singing a jukchang song and launching an all-out offensive

On the weekend of the 26th, Democratic Party and opposition groups gathered in downtown Seoul to continue their all-out offensive against the marine discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. On this day, not only political figures such as Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myeong and Justice Party representative Bae Jin-gyo, but also various […]

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