“Grandma, do you want to eat ice cream?”… A ‘surprising’ price that I unintentionally heard at a convenience store?

Following the dairy industry’s decision to raise prices, including Seoul스포츠토토 Milk Cooperative, Maeil Dairy Products, and Namyang Dairy Products, Binggrae and Dongwon F&B also decided to raise the prices of some products starting next month, raising concerns about ‘milk inflation’ (milk + inflation). . When the price of milk rises, the price of bread, cookies, and […]

Private King, who was expelled from North Korea, arrives in the United States and undergoes a health check-up at a military hospital.

An American soldier expelled from North Korea arrived in the United States and was transferred to a military hospital. The U.S. Department of Defense declined to comment on disciplinary proceedings, saying its priority was to monitor Private King’s health. This is Washington correspondent Kwon Jun-ki. [Reporter]At 5:30 a.m., before dawn, Private Travis King gets off […]

“If humans don’t move, they die… why? Because muscles disappear”

This April, the ‘golf emperor’ Tiger Woods (USA) was unable to overcome the aftereffects of an injury and withdrew from the Masters Tournament for the first time. According to the tournament organizing committee, Woods withdrew due to injury after seven holes of the third round. Woods said through his social network service ( SNS ), “I am withdrawing because […]

I washed it and boiled it, but “Oh my, it’s a pear”… Food poisoning, which Baek Jong-won also warned about, is the ‘hidden culprit’

Food is something you need to pay special attention to during the long holidays. Food poisoning is usually thought to be caused by not washing or cooking ingredients properly, but what is just as dangerous is ‘cross contamination’. This refers to the transfer of food poisoning bacteria from contaminated food ingredients to other food ingredients or cooking […]

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