24 overseas individual training – Participation in the Australian League, Hanwha Baseball does not rest even in winter

Any team that has been in last place three years in a row has to take things differently. The growth of young prospects, reinforcement of external power, and strengthening of depth are all good and necessary. But it’s not easy, and it’s hard to achieve results quickly. This winter, the Hanwha Eagles are looking for a way overseas. We are preparing for the new season without taking a break even in the off season. Hanwha’s time runs differently than other teams.

It seems like yesterday that we finished our finishing training, but in two weeks we will be leaving for spring camp. For players who played in the Australian league, the off-season will feel shorter.

A total of 15 Hanwha players were divided into two groups and participated in the Australian League as part of Geelong Korea. The largest number of KBO league teams participated. From the beginning of November to the end of December, eight players, including Kim Jae-young, Jeong Yi-hwang, Lee Seung-gwan, Park Sang-eon, Park Jeong-hyun, Yoo Sang-bin, Jang Jin-hyuk and Lee Won-seok, experienced the Australian League. In addition, seven players including Park Yun-chul, Yang Kyung-mo, Oh Se-hoon, Heo Gwan-hoe, Kim Tae-yeon, Lee Jin-young, and Kwon Kwang-min joined Geelong Korea at the end of December last year and will play until the end of this month. Eagles players became the main players, enough to be called Geelong Hanwha.

In the semi-professional Australian league, his skills are formidable. In terms of the KBO league, it does not reach the 1st group, but it is evaluated that the level is higher than the 2nd group. There are many powerful hitters and fastball pitchers. 온라인바카라 A number of American minor league players and Japanese professional baseball players participate.

There is only one reason why Hanwha sent players to Geelong Korea. This is to help grow by accumulating practical experience during the off-season. This is a particularly good opportunity for players who lacked first-team matches last year. At the end of last year, Park Chan-hyeok, head of Hanwha, and general manager Sohn Hyuk, flew to Australia to encourage the players.

General manager Sohn ordered a specific pitcher to focus on a specific pitch. It is used to supplement and strengthen the lacking aspects of the player. Director Son said, “It would be nice to see the effect right away, but even if it takes time, it will definitely help in many ways.”

Previously, when Geelong Korea participated in the Australian League twice, Hanwha was not very interested. One Park Joo-hong participated in the 2019-2020 season.

Overseas individual training continued during the off-season. The “eldest brother” of the pitching staff, Jung Woo-ram, Lee Min-woo, Park Sang-won, Song Yun-joon, Kim Bum-soo, and Lee Tae-yang are training in Okinawa, Japan at the beginning of this month. I will come back at the end of this month and board a plane to the US right away.

Domestic ‘aces’ Kim Min-woo, Kim Jong-soo and Kang Jae-min are training individually in Thailand. These are the players who should be active as the main axis of the first team mound this season.

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