Pro Debut Kim Min-byeol “KLPGA rookie of the year goal”

Kim Min-byeol (19, Hite Jinro, photo), ‘the morning star of Gangwon golf’, is a promising golf player who has been receiving a lot of attention since his junior days. After taking first place in the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour regular member selection in October last year, she passed the KLPGA tour seeding competition held in November as the top scorer, and now she has grown into a rookie that the tour is paying attention to.

Kim Min-byeol, who entered the professional stage through the regular member selection, is currently sweating in Chiang Rai, Thailand with the goal of becoming the rookie of the year this season. Having moved to Thailand last month, he plans to concentrate only on field training for about 60 days until next month.

As he entered the professional stage, his training schedule is also very tight. He wakes up at 5:00 am, warms up, and starts playing at 6:30 am. Short game training will be conducted from 1:00 p.m. after rounding. Finally, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, I do physical training. He has a schedule that doesn’t let a single minute go to waste.

The reason why he is so immersed in his training is because he felt that he lacked a lot on the professional stage. He played his first tournament after turning professional through the ‘PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship’ held in Vietnam last month and tied for 30th with a final total of 1 over par. Considering that it was before his debut, it can be said that it was an acceptable score, but it was never satisfactory to Kim Min-byeol.

In particular, he struggled in the short game, which he said he needed to improve on. He struggled with putting because he couldn’t adapt to the faster putter speed compared to his high school days. Kim Min-byeol said, “There are regrets left, but through the first tournament, I have definitely learned what needs to be supplemented in field training.” He feels that the carry distance (the distance the ball flies away from where it is hit) is also important, so he is training for this part as well.” Since he wore the Taegeuk mark in his second year of high school with his thick guts, it is expected that he will record good grades on the professional stage if he compensates for his weaknesses.

Kim Min-byeol, a Chuncheon native who graduated from Chuncheon Seongwon Elementary School, Gangwon Middle School, and Chuncheon Girls’ High School Affiliated Broadcasting Correspondence High School, is also receiving enthusiastic support from the people of the province.

The people of the province said that Hyo-joo Kim, Ji-young Park 먹튀검증 (from Wonju), Bo-mi Lee (from Inje), Ha-na Jang (from Chuncheon), and Hee-jeong Lim (from Taebaek), who won the championships at the ‘Do Golf Championships’ and ‘Doama Golf Championships’, which are the most prestigious in the province. He hopes to become a star golfer to succeed Han Jin-seon (from Sokcho) and others.

Kim Min-byul said, “Since it is the rookie season, I will show a lot of his bright side and hard work. We ask for your support.”

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