‘Self-defense in the new year!’ Where should I learn?

The new year of 2023 토토사이트 was bright. I hope all readers have a hopeful, happy, and above all, a safe year.

In January, the beginning of the new year, everyone plans to learn something new or take on a challenge. How about learning how to properly self-defense this year? If you really made up your mind, I hope today’s column will be of great help to you. I’m going to talk about ‘how to find a self-defense gym that’s right for you’. I hope that you will consider the following items carefully and meet a good teacher and training partner so that you can fully equip yourself with self-defense methods.

First, find a place that is easy to come and go near your home or work. If not nearby, it should at least be within the commute line. Like all sports, self-defense is a practice that consumes a lot of mental and physical energy. If you’re far from home or work, and you’re tired just by moving, you won’t be able to go to the gym for long. Even if there is a master who says that he can block bullets with his bare body in an hour one way, it is not yet a consideration for you. It’s much better to start somewhere nearby and go to the gym more often to practice.

Second, use the experience program to experience and register for classes at as many gyms as possible. Recently, self-defense gyms are well equipped with experience programs. Exercising is really different from watching it. Therefore, we recommend that you do not just look for information on SNS, etc., but experience it yourself. If you experience it, you can know the direction and teaching method of self-defense that the gym seeks, and those who value cleanliness or training tools can confirm that too. Don’t be afraid in advance that there will be a scary director who looks like a tiger, open the door and go in confidently saying, “I’m here for an experience.”

Third, it is recommended for beginners that there is a group training conducted with a small number of people. Those who have already mastered the art of self-defense for a long time may benefit from large-scale group training that can be tailored to a wider variety of people and diverse situations. However, beginners still have a lot to learn in detail. If there are too many people, it is difficult for the instructor to take care of each person and set the posture or timing, so when you first start, choose a small group class. It is also a good way to receive one-on-one tutoring from an instructor. However, self-defense should eventually be applicable to all types of people, such as taller, smaller, heavier, lighter, stronger, and weaker than me, so if you have built a solid foundation with individual guidance, you should move to a group class.

Fourth, figure out your own inclinations first. In terms of self-defense, there is a type of hitting in the process of subduing an opponent, and a type of grabbing or breaking. For example, the former would be boxing, muay thai, etc., and the latter would be judo, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, etc. If you are the type of person who feels bad and feels rejected when a friend laughs and slaps you while you are talking with your friends, then you should rule out the kind of self-defense technique that hits you.

On the contrary, they often play pranks on each other and don’t care much about bumping into something while walking on the street, but they are very surprised by broken or sprained joints, and those who are afraid of them avoid self-defense techniques such as throwing and breaking. Most people don’t know about this tendency until they start exercising themselves, but if you choose a self-defense technique that doesn’t suit you, you won’t be able to learn it for long. If you think about it but still don’t know, you can experience the technology for a moment through the experience program. Excluding the side that feels more fear and stiffens the body.

Fifth, find a gym where the gym leader is sweating hard with the trainees. In the past, I often heard at martial arts gyms saying, “I only learn from the instructors every day, and it’s hard to see the face of the director because he’s so busy.” However, recently, most directors teach trainees passionately and do not let go of their own training. If you meet a leader who is active in training yourself and studying like this, especially if such a leader is right nearby, you have won your first good luck in the year of the cat. Through conversation, I hope you convey exactly what you need and practice diligently and steadily on the method suggested by the leader. Then, you will be able to confirm that your body and mind have become stronger.

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