Stars rising from Qatar… Drool in the EPL and La Liga

The 2022 Qatar World Cup, which heated up the global village with football fever, came to an end after 29 days of heated competition. This World Cup, which was held in winter in the Middle East for the first time in history, created numerous stories, including Lionel Messi’s ‘last dance’, such as winning the championship cup for his country, Argentina, for the first time in 36 years. All-time great surprises and great matches were directed, and new stars were born in the process. We gathered the players who came to mind after the Qatar tournament.

Among the strikers, Cody Hakpo 메이저사이트 (Eindhoven) of the Netherlands is attracting attention. Hakpo, a 23-year-old striker, emerged as the main target of the Orange Corps starting from this tournament. Hakpo scored consecutive goals in three group stage matches against Senegal, Ecuador and Qatar. This is a record for only three people in Dutch history.

Hakpo was one of the recruiting targets of the big club even before this tournament. He is showing off his tremendous skills by recording 9 goals and 12 assists in 14 matches in the Dutch league, and his ability to play various positions such as winger and striker was cited as his strength. In addition, as Hakpo proves that he can work in ‘big water’, Manchester United of the English Premier League (EPL) and Real Madrid (Real) of Spain’s La Liga are expected to join the full-fledged recruitment match.

Among the midfielders, Enso Fernandez (Benfica), who won the Young Player Award given to the player who performed the best among players under the age of 21, is by far the most popular. Fernández helped Argentina win the title thanks to his excellent footwork, passing ability, depressing ability and movement. He even scored his World Cup debut goal against Mexico. EPL’s Liverpool and La Liga’s Real are drooling.

The popularity of England’s ‘young talent’ Jude Bellingham (Dortmund) is also exploding. As a teenager, he was in charge of midfield for England’s highest-paid World Cup team. His defensive ability based on his active amount is excellent, and his ability to carry the ball is considered his skill. Bellingham is listed as a target for Manchester City (Man City).

Morocco’s Sofiane Amrabat (Fiorentina) is also receiving interest from several clubs. Amrabat plays a key role in karate and is the main character who led Morocco’s semifinal myth. EPL Tottenham Hotspur are targeting him.

In defense, Joshko Gravardiol (Leipzig) of Croatia is attracting attention. Wearing a black mask throughout this tournament, he played a decisive role in defeating champion Brazil in the quarterfinals. Its strengths include strong speed and physical fighting. Transfer rumors are circulating with EPL Chelsea and Manchester City.

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