WBC pitching staff, throws the official ball and starts preparing in earnest

LG Jung Woo-young, who was named in the final roster of the WBC national team announced yesterday (4th), has already learned his senses after receiving the official ball for the tournament a month ago.

He has been training catch ball in earnest since a week ago.

The WBC official ball has a smoother surface 토토사이트 and fewer seams than the KBO official ball, so it is evaluated that it is a bit difficult for pitchers to rotate the breaking ball with their fingertips.

So, the KBO sent official pitches early to pitchers who were likely to be selected for the national team so that they could adapt in advance.

[Jung Woo-young / LG Twins Pitcher: When I first touched him, I thought it was very slippery. But now that I’ve played catch, I think I’m getting used to it. I don’t think there will be any big problems.]

KT So-Jun So, Young-Pyo Koh, and Samsung Won Tae-In moved to the United States together at the end of last month and are in the middle of building up their bodies.

With the help of his former KT colleague Despine, he is concentrating on physical training and adapting to the official ball in Miami, and met Despine’s friend, New York Yankees fastball pitcher Chapman, to get advice on major leaguers to face in the WBC.

[So Hyung-Jun/KT Wiz Pitcher: I’m happy, and since this is a position with a lot of weight, I will prepare more diligently with a sense of responsibility.]

At the end of this month, the players each participated in their team’s spring camp, and on the 14th of next month, Arizona, USA Assemble at varsity training camp in Tucson.

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